At CENTRAL GRANADINA CONGRESOS our priority is our client’s needs. Our policy is to pay the utmost attention to the tiniest details of any project we undertake, however big or small, and to follow it through from beginning to end to ensure its eventual success every time.

This determination to achieve and maintain the quality of service which CGC offers means that we never take on an excess of projects in order thus to be able to fulfil the precepts of our business policy.

Nevertheless, we do not believe that quality should mean exorbitant costs and we think you will find that the relationship between price and quality of service offered by CGC is unrivalled within its sphere.

At CGC we are always prepared to adapt to the needs of our clients.

  Address: Calle Galileo, 1 - 1º B. 18200 Maracena, Granada (Spain). Phone: +34 958 292 606 Fax: +34 958 204 852 e-mail