CENTRAL GRANADINA CONGRESOS has had long experience in the design and setting up of stands and can help its clients to select the exact type of stand for the site in question, from the smallest to the largest, using the simplest of materials to the most sophisticated, including if need be hand-made artistic elements to give your stand an extra touch of interest. Your tastes combined with our experience will all go to produce the best results possible.

Furthermore, in CGC we take care of every detail, from the design to the construction and the finishing of the stand, thus guaranteeing that your projects are fulfilled to the letter and are precisely what you asked for.

  1. General design of stands
  2. Design of furnishings: chairs, sofas, counters, showcases and so on
  3. Provision of extra artistic elements, either modern or traditional in style

  Address: Calle Galileo, 1 - 1º B. 18200 Maracena, Granada (Spain). Phone: +34 958 292 606 Fax: +34 958 204 852 e-mail